Join Our Elite Personal Training Environment

Our Yaxley based studio has everything a PT could ever dream of to train their clients. We've spared no expense to ensure your clients get the best possible service from you, each and every session.


Why We Do What We Do

We built this facility as we're passionate about seeing people succeed. We want to see all PT's on our books thrive and give the best possible service to each of their clients.

If we can help in a little way with this by providing a facility for you PT's to assist in making peoples lives better, more healthier and more confident then we'll be over the moon.

Our Commitment To you

We'll always be on hand to offer guidance on our equipment, we'll allow 24hr access to the building and it will always be a safe, well maintained and clean environment. The kit is all commercial quality and will stand up to any and all challenges, however if there is any issues we'll endeavour to replace the item absolutely rapid! However you want to structure your sessions that's down to you, we'll simply be providing a secure building with full CCTV and parking and near unlimited kit!

What We Have For You To Use

Whether you want to use our incredible cardio range, our strength and conditioning, bodybuilding or CrossFit equipment you best believe we have you covered.

Some kit we're proud to host:

X32i Commercial Treadmill

Rogue Echo Air Bike

Freemotion Cable DAP

Leg press & Leg Extension/Curl

100kg Lat Pulldown and Low Row Systems

A thousand kilos of professional weight plates, kettlebells & dumbbells

15 specialist olympic & tech barbells

75mmx75mm Pro Grade rack with: jammer arms - monolifts - ghd & more

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