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Price to join our facility

The price to join our facility is currently:*

Monthly DD: £99 standing charge

Price Per Session: £5phr

The gym is 1100sqft, this is an optimal size to run 2x PT sessions at a time, this means 2x trainers can run sessions concurrently. The reason we've done this is to keep your costs down, frankly.

A single £99 standing order is paid per calendar month, then an additional £5 charge per 1hr block of PT work carried out in the gym. ie you do 10hours of clients a day 5 times a week, you'll be billed £250 for these worked hours.

100hrs a month carried out on my gym floor, £500 cost and so on. It's a super simple price structure designed to be as cost effective as possible to each PT on the books. We've spoken to a dozen different trainers in our research and they all opted for this type of billing instead of a set cost, as you keep 85%+ of your income, with ZERO of the outgoings of owning a facility! *Do note, if your hour billing cycle hits £550 pcm your £99 standing charge is completely removed!

You are more than welcome to hang out in the facility in between clients in our lounge area if you want to reduce your travel costs coming back and forth to work.

Included in your deal with us you are more than welcome to carry out your social media work, online content, promotion etc in our facility. These hours slots are charged as standard.

Do please remember, you are exclusively self employed. You are not employed by BlackBear therefore you're still responsible for your own businesses and clients, we're simply offering you an exclusive and high end facility to train your clients in.

The cost of working out of our high end facility will vary in accordance with how much you work, the more you work the more you earn. Don't forget you've got absolutely zero overheads of running a site. We take care of absolutely everything so bar your monthly rental payment your time can be used to land more clients, perfect your craft and promote more.