The Best PT's Deserve The Best Equipment!

When creating this facility we have spared absolutely no expense, using every single piece of knowledge we have across our multiple fitness companies to create the best studio possible.

Ensuring we tick every box when it comes to Cardio, HiiT, Strength & Conditioning, Combat Training and everything in between. We've incorporated some strong man equipment, some fighting equipment, the best specialist bars on the planet and kit to carry out CrossFit WOD's.

  • X32i Commercial Treadmill

    With a +40 incline and a -7 decline, your clients will be clocking up km's like it's no issues. A super soft running track to assist with any limb injuries.

  • Leg Press

    A plate loaded super smooth leg press machine, perfect for building lower body power. A removable calf block too for even more leg training options. Simply load your weight and you're away.

  • Rogue Echo Bike

    You'll get unmeasurable pleasure out of putting your clients to the sword with this. A tool for the most cruel of PT's! You get out of this what you put in!

  • Power Rack 75mmx75mm 11 Gauge Steel

    A state of the art power rack with nearly all attachments available on the market - Jammer Arms, Monolifts - Sandwich JCups - GHD - Trawler Arm - Safety Arms. 2 lifting stations on one rack, perfect for the bench and squat sessions with clients. This rack's capable of withstanding over 1000kg of weight.

  • Freemotion Dual Assisted Pulley

    A 90kg stack ensures you get to carry out all accessory workouts flawlessly. Any angle, any height or placement this machine will have you covered. Complete with over 14 different types of specialist cable attachments too, because variety is the spice of life!

  • 2.5kg - 30kg Hex Dumbbells

    For free weight training we have the following hex dumbbells -

    2.5kg to 30kg pairs

    We also have a 1kg to 10kg in 1kg increments set for more dialled in requirements.

  • Accessories

    We have too many to name here, but to name a few.

    Competition Kettlebells
    16 Specialist Barbells

    Resistance Bands

    Plyo Boxes

    MMA Striking and Grappling Bags

    500kg of Olympic plates.

  • 100kg Lat Pulldown & Low Row

    With a commercial frame and a 100kg stack you'll do well to max this machine out. Super safe, super practical and super easy to train even your most unexperienced clients.

  • Leg Extension & Leg Curl

    A perfect machine for strengthening the quads and hamstrings. Incredibly smooth operation and the ability to swap the machine from extensions to curls in under 2secs makes this a vital tool to our facility.